Traci Danielle
Brevard Talent Group 

Not is Sarah  - Lee Dobbs a kind and caring wonderful woman she is also an amazing acting coach. She goes above and beyond caring for her students and encouraging them never give up on their dreams. I have signed many of her students and recommend her to  young clients that are ready for her guidance and training.

Jon Reames
Producer/DirectorEastern Sky Media Services

Sarah-Lee is a wonderful voice-over actress.  She's recorded several projects with me over the past 5 years and is always a client-pleaser!  She’s also a wonderful talent coach.  I learned of her professional voice-over coaching services while working together, specifically her work with children and teens.

I began working with her students immediately and continue to do so.  I am thrilled with the results!  She prepares the students, from young children to young adults, for what is actually going to happen in a studio setting, based on her valuable personal experience not only in our studios but in many others across the US and UK.  Invaluable information to impart to students.

Using that coaching, well-prepared students (excellent reading and interpretation skills) sail through our projects while enjoying the creative process.  It’s a pleasure to work with those coached by Sarah Lee.

Zoe Tyler
Zoe Tyler International

As a Television Judge, vocal coach for the BBC‘s Any Dream Will Do , How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria along side Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber , Disney channel , The Worlds Best for NBC and a worldwide talent agent , I was extremely impressed with Sarah Lee when she invited me to join her to take a musical theatre masterclass at her studio.

Under the guidance of her coaching , these students were talented , polished and some of them even Broadway ready. Knowing Sarah Lee for over 30 years as a top actress, seeing her skills as a teacher shine through and watching them evolve into the best they could be was inspiring to me. I witnessed , with Sarah Lee’s wonderful teaching, some of the best young  talent in Central Florida. 

Katie Donegian
Owner of Seven Model & Talent, Inc.

Sarah-Lee is an incredible Acting Coach. Her coaching and teaching come from a wealth of experience. Not only is she extremely gifted at bringing out an actor's inner talent, her students learn the true craft of auditioning and performance.

Sarah-Lee is a knowledgeable source when it comes to the industry in general. Being an agent, I know her students are well trained & fully prepared with their headshots, resume, and a demo reel. They're ready to hit the ground running.

I highly reccomend her as a coach.

Jennifer & Daniel Soos

When we first started in this industry, we knew absolutely nothing about it. Sarah was our guiding light, helping us to navigate a world of which we knew nothing. She was kind, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. Today, she’s a mentor to the students and a friend to the parents, always willing to talk through the big decisions, be sounding board with honest feedback, and the kids’ biggest cheerleader! We would not be where we are today without her. 

Wade Hair

Sarah- Lee Dobbs is a true professional, and that professionalism is transferred to her students. I can always tell when an auditionee is one of Sarah's students because they come in prepared, nail the audition, and are polite and professional. I adore working with her students. If you want your aspiring actor or actress to have the best training possible, look no further than Sarah - Lee Dobbs.

Laurel Clark

I had the good fortune of joining Sarah Lee as a guest director for one of her Top Teens workshops in 2019.It was set up exactly like a professional audition except after performing their monologues I gave each student immediate feedback. I was very impressed by the clarity of choices, focus and level of talent each student displayed. Sarah's passion for professionalism and love for the art of performing was evident in each student and their performances rivaled many Adults I have auditioned in my 30 years as a show director.

Jimmy Soos

Sarah Lee Dobbs is one of the most compassionate and supportive coaches I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. When I first started with her, I knew nothing about this industry, and years later, I’m consistently booking and having a blast! She is absolutely amazing with her students and everyone I know loves her!

Madison Sawyer

I have been a student of Sarah’s for 4 years. She has brought me from a beginning actress to a professional performer.  She never fails to make time for me when I need it and has always given me the skills needed for a genuine level of confidence. She’s honest, compassionate, and uses her vast experience for her students’ benefit.  Her advice will ring in my mind forever.

Helen Gonzalez

Sarah has been working my daughter for 4 years now and the improvement I have seen in her acting and confidence level is extraordinary. She is kind and patient, yet is honest and offers up valuable feedback in her training and auditions. Because of her expert coaching, my daughter booked a Netflix role, to be announced shortly and it was one of the best experiences of her life. She has become like family to us. We are so thankful she is in our life!

Patrice Bloomfield 

I started taking sessions with Sarah - Lee in the spring of 2018, and I initially went to her to work on my acting for theater auditions, and at the end of the 1st session she suggested that I need to work on acting for film and TV. She saw something in myself that I didn't. The work has been hard and I'm still a work progress but because of her I landed one of the top agents in Florida  in 6 months...and she continues to hold me accountable with the work and sees the growth in me which continues to help push me forward. I think ...no, I KNOW she's one of the best coaches in this area...hands down!!

Kellie Lawton

Sarah began coaching my 16 year old daughter Ryleigh 3 years ago.  My daughter has been acting since she was 6years old, but when she started training with Sarah we began to really see her full potential as a young actress.  Sarah has become someone that my daughter trusts completely, and she early looks forward to her lessons with Sarah.  Three months after Ryleigh started coaching with Sarah she was awarded Critic's Choice for her dramatic monologue at the Florida State Jr. The spian Festival, an achievement my daughter had been striving for for several years.  Since that time Sarah has coached my daughter to multiple Top Honors recognitions at the High School Thespian level and continues to prepare her for auditions and castings.  Sarah was also instrumental in helping my daughter to get representation by Brevard Talent, one of the top talent agencies in the Southeast Region.

Sarah is the biggest fan and supporter for all of her students.  Not only does she celebrate their successes with them, but she is there to console them and lift them up during their disappointments.  This is an incredibly tough business with so many highs and lows and Sarah is always a confident and loving mentor.  She spends countless hours searching for castings, looking for audition materials and attending as many performances as her schedule permits to continue to help her students succeed.

As a parent it is so important to have adults in your child's life who are a constant support, an avid cheerleader, and a loving role model.  Sarah is all of these things (and so much more) to not only my daughter Ryleigh but to all of her students! She is truly one of a kind and we are so blessed to have her in our lives. 

Marissa Price

Three years ago when our son began his youth theatre journey, we were recommended to Sarah-Lee Dobbs for professional coaching.  Under her tutelage, Tyler has secured two agents and has worked professionally as an actor and voice over talent.  Sarah-Lee is a supportive but honest coach, she guides and encourages while providing open and honest feedback that only helps in developing her students’ talent. Receiving honest feedback when you are aspiring to work in the entertainment is so important and Sarah is always honest….kind….. but honest! In Sarah-Lee’s one on one sessions she works directly with her students to prepare them for auditions.  We have found these regular sessions to be invaluable as her direction is spot on and very much in keeping with feedback received from agents and casting directors.  In addition to the solo sessions, she regularly offers group sessions where young actors are tasked with improving their improvisation and scene work skills.  She makes the sessions engaging and they have definitely become something our son looks forward to attending!     Working as a professional actor has, without a doubt, prepared Sarah- Lee for her passion and calling which is to help actors grow and find their place in this very challenging industry. For this, and many other reasons, Sarah-Lee is a beloved mentor to those she works with!

Nicole S

My three kids have been seeing Sarah- Lee since 2016.  She has helped my kids grow in ways I could never imagine, and has been a constant supporter! She helped my then 5 year old to get cast in the National tour of Waitress, and has helped all of my kids get recurring professional voiceover jobs. There is no one else I would trust with my kids' careers.

Julia G

I have been a student of Sarah's for about seven years now. Through her guidance, my confidence has soared as a performer, film casting, or even a college audition, Sarah has been by my side throughout my young career - landing me acceptances at multiple top colleges for theatre. As someone who works closely with Sarah and her younger students, I have to say that her students - even as young a five years - maintain a level professionalism that is hard to come by anywhere else. Both Sarah- Lee and her students continue to impress me with each passing day.